Mormon FAIR-Cast. The fun, the struggles, and the frustrations. This week! In part one, Clark shares …, Mormon Stories Admin August 20, 2014 Church History, General Authorities, Top 10 Church History, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 10 Truth Claims, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 85 Comments, Few people had more of a front-row seat than Brent Metcalfe to the goings-on surrounding Mark Hofmann, the “Salamander Letter,” and the tragic events of October 1985 — what would …, John Dehlin July 7, 2014 Best of Mormon Stories, Ex-Mormon Stories, Excommunication, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 10 Women, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories, Women & Feminism 250 Comments, Christine Jeppsen Clark is a mother of six, a former Mormon Tabernacle Choir member, a Ph.D. graduate student focusing on dementia, and a dear personal friend. Uncle Mark spins off into silly space with UFO cults, Uncle Dan gazes into your eyes for cult recruitment, and Uncle lets loose torrents of blood with Joshua part 1. We have a lot of experience when it comes to having disagreements in marriage. John Dehlin September 16, 2020 Ex-Mormon Stories, Faith Transitions, International, Marriage & Family, Mormon Faith Crisis, Mormon Transitions, Podcast, Top 10 Exmormon 5 Comments As part of our ongoing series on 21st century Mormonism outside of the United States, today we … Find our special Guest Auntie Lauren O'Neal on Twitter @laureneoneal and you can pick a copy of …, I used to believe that the AMOUNT of things I got done was equal to my value as a women/ mother. Uncle Mark shows us the inky horrors of Jack Chick, special guest Uncle Frank talks about teen suicide issues in Utah, and Uncle Dan ponders whether to kid or not to kid! I desperately wanted to BE what others told …, Devon Brown digs deep with Kristy Johnson! Willy opens up about his mission to Ohio, suicidal thoughts, learning to love himself, and much more!By Devon Brown, Time and time again we give our emotional power away every time someone says something that sends us over the edge, especially when going through a mormon faith crisis. There will be a live chat where you can comment or you can send me any questions or comments to #EXMOLIVE on Twitter & I might respond to you during the live show. ), I can confidently say that Sean and I are EXPERTS at arguing. Exmormonology is a podcast for people who want to learn to ways so let go of pain, reduce anger, move on from the ties that bind all while stepping peacefully into life beyond mormonism, or whatever religion you have grown out of. Jerald was the great-great-grandson of John Tanner, well known for his …, John Dehlin July 22, 2013 Best of Mormon Stories, Church History, Johns Favorites, Joseph Smith, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 10 Truth Claims, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories, Hans H. Mattsson is a 3rd generation LDS church member from Sweden who served as a bishop and stake president in Sweden before serving in the LDS church 3rd Quorum …, The Gift of the Mormon Faith Crisis Podcast. Nonprofit Organization. Kristy opens up about her mission to Chicago, emotional abuse, being a single mother without a temple marriage, and more!By Devon Brown, I was in a major car accident a few weeks ago. The couples …, Mormon Stories October 27, 2017 Church History, Ex-Mormon Stories, LGBTQ, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 100 106 Comments, Whether you love him, are troubled by him, or don’t quite know what to make of him, our listeners need to hear these episodes of Mormon Stories with Mike Norton—known …, John Dehlin April 14, 2016 Best of Mormon Stories, Ex-Mormon Stories, LGBTQ, Mormon Transitions, New Listeners, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 100, Top 25 LGBT, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 43 Comments, Tyler Glenn is best known as the lead singer of the multi-platinum alternative pop band Neon Trees. Part 4: His struggles with faith after being released as an area authority. He was an influential early participant in the Mormon blogosphere, and blogs at Similar tags: #mormon #religion #self-help #bisexual #spirituality. The Mormon Expression Archive The hottest topics in Mormonism, from a Post Mormon perspective. Orthodox Latter-day Saints see the proliferation of ex-Mormon podcasts, Reddit communities, retreats, and Facebook groups as evidence that former Mormons are, as a rule, very angry. I address a lot of the reasons why you were triggered, but also I am going to give you a little tough love. John helps men and women better understand and respect their differences in both personal and pr…, Devon Brown gets to know Valora Howell! Let's talk about how we "feed the fear" with our looping thought patterns created from our ancestor's need to surv…. I hope you tune in as this episode of Exmormonology is me being v…. Rate us on iTunes! Let's talk about how to manage your mind around this potentially emotional experience. Mormon Stories Podcast is the longest-running and most successful podcast in Mormonism - hosted by Dr. John Dehlin ( If you want to be a rocking and happy man than listen EX Mormon Radio. Discussing your questions on leaving Mormonism one letter at a time. Bengt opens up about his mission to Washington, dealing with guilt over doubts, chasing a dream, and much more!By Devon Brown. Typically they refer to someone that has been baptized but no longer believes in the truth claims and theology of the church. Learn…. I had the amazing opportunity to interview him on my podcast. The Mormon FAIR-Cast is the winner of the 2011 and 2013 People’s Choice Podcast Award for best podcast in the Religion/Inspiration category. Part 2: His years as an Area Authority Seventy. The show is broadcast LIVE, from the Vatican of Mormonism, Utah, on Tunein radio, every night, M-F, from 1-3 AM (MST) or later. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. Blogs. Discussing your questions on leaving Mormonism one letter at a time. In a facebook post she recently shared her experience after 11 days on what we're calling the ER Shred. Interest. Never fear: that's why we’re here! Allow us to teach you exactly what NOT to do.By Crystal & Sean Escobar, Devon Brown chops it up with Ben Kronk! Devon Brown gets loose with Kyle Warren! So … Let the Irreverence begin in Exmormonology land. For free. She got married young and had 7 children. It has impressive for all sensitive music lovers. Humor mixed with rage, but mostly fun times. # ldsconf # givethanks # twitterstake. Maybe these Bea Gulls will swoop in and save the Mormons from Pandemic? Feel free to email your questions to It was a lot, wasn't it. I left the room while he recorded but when I listened to it back I was pleasantly surprised with what he chose to share.By Crystal & Sean Escobar, We have wrapped up the first year of The Exmormonology Podcast!!! Uncle Dan wonders about the point of 3 weird dudes with the Magi, Uncle Doug "Discovers" something some people have known about for thousands of years, and we discuss the horror of the BYU "conversion therapy" program (CONTENT WARNING! Ep #101: When eating "HEALTHY" doesn't work. Aimed at the seminary student or institute age individual. But it can also be a scary world. Our conversations dive into the confusing nature of growing up in Mormonism where sexuality is taught as something that's beautiful and sacred, but can only be explored after you're married- usually very quickly in between the temple sealing and the reception in the back of an '88 Mercury Tracer. To contact a specific podcast host or to contact the podcast generally please email MormonDiscussionsPodcasts AT gmail DOT com Thank you for reaching out!!! Pages Liked by This Page. Let's talk all about it in this week's Exmormonology Episode. Uncle Mark explores maybe too much alien life with Panspermia, Uncle Dan concludes that church music might be a bad thing, and Uncle Doug shows us bloody mercy by concluding the Book of Joshua! Ep #103: CRISIS | Exposes Weakness & Inspires Creation. All rights reserved. Podcast. Lena opens up about her mission to Wisconsin, writing salacious letters to Elders and dealing with masturbation guilt, the struggle of having doubts as a golden convert, being upset that her mom was baptized while she was away, and more!By Devon Brown, Ep #108: Latter Day Lesbian Shelly Johnson. How To Take Your Emotional Power Back After Your Mormon Faith Crisis, Ep #102: Procrastination Perfectionism & Productivity. Part 2, My Son's Mormon Temple Wedding Day, Ep #107: John Gray | Resolving Conflict in Marriage & Relationships | Self Love. 103: Navigating the Holiday... 102: LDL's Sexual Debut. If you are a post mormon, progressive mormon, active mormon but wanting to understand your exmormon friends and family, or full on exmormon, this podcast is for you. When Bethany was seventeen, the late prophet Gordon B. Hinckley tasked the youth of the LDS church to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. This week, Uncle Mark leads police to a body of bullshit with psychic detectives, Uncle Dan introduces us to the Aristocracy of Hell, and Uncle Doug finds yet another religious leader offering less than nothing for what ails us. A chat with an Ex-mo and her never mo (mormon), fringe-mo, and formerly mormon friends. RiseUp. If you are a regular listener to Exmormonology it is because you are l…. Uncle Doug examines a marginal Mormon menace with Superdell Schanze, Uncle Mark marvels over miracles and machetes with St. Peter of Verona and Uncle Dan discusses profound spiritual experiences and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. In …, Mormon Stories January 16, 2018 Ex-Mormon Stories, LGBTQ, Marriage & Family, Mixed-Faith Marriages, Mormon Transitions, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 94 Comments, In this special episode of Mormon Stories, we travel to Southern California to interview 2 couples—Doug & Laurie and Jerry & Julie about their Mormon faith crisis and transition. Leaving religion is the first step into a larger, better world. Want to know what’s in The Book of Mormon? 2 – How a Mormon Mission President Lost His Testimony, 919-923: Roger Hendrix PT. Mormon Mental Health is an online mental health resource serving the Mormon community through hosting mental health podcasts. This week! Disclaimer: The podcast and artwork embedded on this page are from EXMORMON FOUNDATION, which is the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by Listen Notes, Inc. Starting on Monday, November 23, 2015. Contact Mormon Discussions Podcast. Episode 18: Transparency is the Key with Benjamin Kronk! He shared some incredible advice on marriage and relationships. "Funny and informative," Frank and Dan are two former Mormons offering up their perspective on politics, current … I want to share with you what I did/do, and I also want to know what you have done with your mormon paraphernalia? 1345: Douglas Stilgoe – Leaving the LDS Church as a Young Adult in the U.K. 1321-1327: The Excommunication of Mormon Bishop Sam Pinson and his Family in Ammon, Idaho, 1287-1293: Surviving Spiritual Abuse and Suicidality as BYU-Idaho Faculty & Non-Believing Spouse – Ryan & Holly Nielsen, 1282-1286: Kalin Orgill Organ – Losing and Finding One’s Self in Search of Truth, 1150-1154: Donna Showalter: The Faith Crisis of a Former Provo, Utah Relief Society President, 1048-1050: Leah, Cody, and Brinley Young – A Teen’s Perspective on Faith Transition, 924-926: Roger Hendrix Pt. Mormon Discussion’s podcast production is certainly not connected to The Mormon Church aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For part 2 of this interview with Donna Showalter, we will hear …, Mormon Stories January 17, 2019 Ex-Mormon Stories, Excommunication, Faith Transitions, Marriage & Family, Mormon Faith Crisis, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories, Women & Feminism 14 Comments, In a Mormon Stories first, Leah and Cody Young’s daughter, Brinley (15), joins us in the final segments of our epic interview with the Young family to discuss her family’s …, Mormon Stories May 21, 2018 Faith Transitions, General Authorities, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 10 Progressive, Top 100 59 Comments, In this edition of Mormon Stories, we continue our conversation with Roger Hendrix – possibly the highest ranking and most well-connected LDS church leader interviewed on Mormon Stories Podcast to …, Mormon Stories May 15, 2018 General Authorities, Mormon Culture, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 10 Progressive, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 60 Comments, In this edition of Mormon Stories we visit with Roger Hendrix – possibly the highest ranking and most well-connected LDS church leader interviewed on Mormon Stories Podcast to date. This week! John Parkinson Dehlin / d ə ˈ l ɪ n / is an American psychologist, podcast host, and ex-member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Episode 22: Overcome Your Fear Factor with Valora Howell! Episode 13: Life As a Golden Convert with Lena Forsgren! I love this Q so much. Not long after, she got …, Devon Brown chops it up with Preston Hyde! They open up about their mission to Reno, serving with mental and chronic illness, sexuality, and much more!By Devon Brown. Sad but true. I am currently in the process of adding all of the content here. Ben opens up about his early life in Pittsburgh, his mission to Mozambique -which turned into helping open Angola, being honest with his parents, and much more!By Devon Brown, This is a raw uncut episode. Garments, Temple Clothing, Scriptures, etc. The terms Post Mormon and Ex-Mormon encompass a wide variety of people within the Mormon Spectrum. –John. QuitMormon. Your sex life will improve and you will feel better about your body. Part 3: His interactions with LDS Apostles and the 1st Presidency. Monday-Friday 11 PM-12 PM MST. It also is most assuredly not approved or endorsed by Intellectual Reserve, Inc or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Feel free to email your questions to I recorded t…, Devon Brown sits down with William Shunn! This week! I am an Ex Mormon. Info of The Station "I wish I could just say I had “let myself go” in that first pic, & that I made a decision to get “healthy” in …, Devon Brown gets real with Lena Forsgren! Provides faithful answers to difficult or critical questions that young adults may have about LDS teachings or culture. This is the podcast where we drink with the Mormons! Listen to Ask An Ex-Mormon Therapist episodes free, on demand. When everything you have experienced was obviously meant to forge your path moving forward." In this episode of Exmormonology, let's talk about …, This week! Your user's guide to life on the outside. Today is all about celebrating and reviewing all we have accomplished together over the course of the past year. Podcast. Over the course of her adolescence, Bethany was the proxy for about 30 dead people. From other post-Mormons, I hear … I didn't realize I was striving for an unattainable goal of perfection. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LATEST PODCASTS Donate, Below you'll find a list of all posts that have been categorized as “Top 10 Exmormon”, John Dehlin December 9, 2020 Ex-Mormon Stories, Faith Transitions, Marriage & Family, Mormon Culture, Mormon Faith Crisis, Mormon Transitions, Podcast, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 10 Women, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories, Women & Feminism 12 Comments, Recently I was super fortunate to sit down with reality tv stars Heather Gay and Dre Nord – who are both currently appearing on BravoTV’s “Real Housewives of Salt Lake …, John Dehlin October 18, 2020 Ex-Mormon Stories, Marriage & Family, Mental Health, Missionary Work, Mormon Culture, Mormon Faith Crisis, Podcast, Scrupulosity, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 10 Women, Top 15 Mental Health, Women & Feminism 9 Comments, Katie Harmon was raised Catholic in Laramie, Wyoming. Exmormonology is a study of life after your mormon faith crisis, from a life coach's perspective, "mingled with" my personal exmormon musings. Part 5: His thoughts and feelings about the church today. In the spring of 2013, Jeremy was approached …, John Dehlin May 19, 2014 Best of Mormon Stories, Church History, Ex-Mormon Stories, Joseph Smith, Top 10 Church History, Top 10 Exmormon, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 57 Comments, Sandra and the late Jerald Tanner were raised in the LDS faith, both with a strong Mormon family history. Will opens up about his mission to Canada and the Pacific Northwest, becoming an accidental terrorist, starting the website "Mormon Matter," and much more!By Devon Brown. Being mormon was a part of you through and through, and because of that you have a lifetime of experiences to always remind you of the life you created as a latter day saint. You don't see this, until you see it. For never-mo's and ex-mo's alike. It can consume us and keep us stuck in so many areas in our life. Recent Post by Page. Join Matt and Corinne as they navigate through reality after life in the Mormon Church, and share their views on religion, atheism and skepticism. Beyond Mormon. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium. A chat with an Ex-mo and her never mo (mormon), fringe-mo, and formerly mormon friends. Mormon Expression Voices. Uncle Dan continues his exploration of spirituality and the brain with chemical enhancements, Uncle Doug gets his wings with It's a Wonderful Life, and Uncle Mark thinks Mormonism might have a serious problem on its right. Ex-Mormon Stories. ~Sean Escobar…, Devon Brown clowns around with Willy Roach! 1- Stories from a CES Director, Mission President, and Trustee for Deseret Trust Company, 852-857: Family Ties – Doug, Laurie, Julie, and Jerry’s Mormon Faith Crisis/Transition, 809-811: Mike Norton (NewNameNoah) Tells His Story, 535-539: Tom Phillips, the Second Anointing, and Mormon Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland, 518-519: Clark Johnsen – From BYU to Broadway’s Book of Mormon Musical, 493-494; 497-499b: Brent Metcalfe – Early Years, Mark Hofmann, the Salamander Letter, the Bombings, the Book of Abraham, and Life After Mormonism, 483-486: Christine Jeppsen Clark, Daughter of General Authority Malcolm Jeppsen, 480-482: Jeremy Runnells and his Letter to a CES Director, 430-434: Hans Mattsson — Former LDS Area Authority Seventy (Sweden). Ep #106: Relationships Part 2 | How to Argue WELL. Mormon Expression was a podcast that I ran from 2009 to 2014. While I have had a lot of down time and very limited screen time, I have had a few thoughts (okay, a lot of thoughts) about my post mormon journey , my life and how life can change in an instant. The fun, the struggles, and the frustrations. The podcast is the most heavily post-produced of the three, with entertaining sound effects and clips. Pages Liked by This Page. I’ve been really diving deeper and trying to identify what makes me unique. Can you believe that? Uncle Mark lists the apocalypses that weren't, Uncle Dan tries to take your money with NLP, and Uncle Doug examines a life without meaning in Ecclesiastes. Protect Every Child. I've been a fan of John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars Women are From Venus, since I was 19 years old. An Eagle Scout, Returned Missionary, and BYU alumnus, Jeremy was married in the San Diego Temple with expectations and plans of living Mormonism for the rest of his life. A friendly chat about what it is like to grow up in Mormonism and leave the faith. An Exmormon's Guide is a podcast dedicated to helping others through their faith transition. Review our, Wannabe Balanced | Mormon Enlightenment | Post LDS, Wait... You Were Mormon? Interest. Join an ex-Mormon and a never-been-Mormon as they spend each episode getting drunk and getting to know God’s Chosen People™! Cultural Context Preceding the Book of Mormon, Below you'll find a list of all posts that have been categorized as, Part 2: Struggling with Fame and Authenticity, Part 2: The Second Anointing and the Aftermath, Part 4: Correspondance with LDS Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland, Part 1: Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s at ground zero of conservative Mormonism, Part 2: On being the daughter of a general authority, Part 3: Elder Malcolm Jeppsen's involvement in Avraham Gileadi's excommunication, Part 4: Leaving the church as the daughter of a general authority, grandmother. Uncle Mark introduces us to a liar for laughs with Mike Warnke, Uncle Doug wonders if Evil is a problem with theodicy, and Uncle Dan asks our friend Eli Bosnick about our dumb brains. ExMormon. Preston opens up about his mission to Seattle, his desires for disobedience, leaving the mission early, and much more!By Devon Brown, So many stages of life after mormonism. I coach amazing humans from all over the globe, one on one, via Zoom. It speaks to the heart and soul of those leaving Mormonism for a Biblically-based faith. For never-mo's and ex-mo's alike.