City Council unanimously endorsed the public redesign competition, and the Mayor selected Burlington City Arts, the City of Burlington’s cultural planner, to lead the public competition process. I chose the green background of my redesigned flag to represent the green mountains, which run through the state. The flag was raised for the first time during First Night on December 31, 2017. HISTORY OF BCAEMPLOYMENTINTERNSHIP PROGRAMVOLUNTEERVISITOR INFOSTAFF/CONTACT USBOARD, SUMMER CONCERT SERIESHIGHLIGHTFESTIVAL OF FOOLSSUMMER ARTIST MARKET, BCA CENTER EXHIBITIONSUPCOMING EXHIBITIONS PAST EXHIBITIONSVERMONT ARTISTS, ART SALES AND LEASINGCITY HALL GALLERYUVM MEDICAL CENTERLORRAINE B. no comments yet. September 17, 2012. In Canada, however, there are more unique designs. While the Green Mountain Flag was still popular during this time, it wasn’t official. Here are their five basic rules, paraphrased and with notes in p… 4 comments. First, there is the Quebecois […], […] Almost half of the states have plain blue flags with seals in the middle, including Michigan, Vermont and Minnesota. Design by Rotten Ali. And mind you, I like your concept of the flag, and it could be worked into a very good proposal. It is an urban legend that has persisted for 150 years. The trees represent the lumber industry, and the river and steamboat, transportation and trade. best. Vote. A redesign for the flag of Vermont. February 27, 2017 […] Zealand needs a new flag. 0 comments. The Golden sun is there because Vermont is one of the first states to see the sun in the morning. (Vermont literally means “green mountain”, and its official nickname is the “Green Mountain State”.) The Marchessault family worked together to create a final design that includes a representation of: Burlington joined cities across the country in updating its flag to capture the spirit and character of its community today. The blue field must, by legislative mandate, match the shade of blue in the US flag (Pantone 282c). ... Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. US State Flags - contest winner from final 6 of 159 designs by Shadowmask. Redesigns. and then we drafted several ideas over the course of several days and finally agreed on a final design concept. So in 1804, Vermont adopted a new flag (not pictured) that looked a lot like the US Flag. I am a writer, graphic artist and photographer. Led by a revolutionary named Ethan Allen, they declared their independence as the Green Mountain Republic, while allying themselves with the nascent United States. Most of all, it ignores the good design of the past. Be the first to share what you think! 1/2. This year’s competition was also opened to those who work or own a business in Burlington. In addition, both the Bennington Museum and the New Hampshire Historical Society have small remnants of what was supposedly the same flag as the canton remnant also at the Bennington Museum. With a green field and a blue canton, it evoked Vermonters’ loyalty to America while asserting their independence. The redesign was done by Will Robinson, Doane Robinson's son. Keep it simple, so that they can be seen both from far away and while flapping in the wind 2. The flag of the state of West Virginia consists of the state's coat of arms on a white field with a dark blue border. The Stars and Str My name is Steve Lovelace. The flag you show is a bad interpretation of a remnant of a flag now in possession of the Bennington Museum. Vermont Artists Vermont Artists ... «Burlington Flag Artist Submissions. Another Gostelowe flag that sold at auction in 2006 (3rd Virginia) has a nearly identical canton of stars. The current flag, blue with a coat of arms, looks just like the flags of half the other US states. By Craig Hlavaty on October 30, 2013 at 4:52 PM. I Think it’s a good idea to have flags reflect the evolution of their states in today’s political environment. February 12, 2017 […] so in 1923, the state adopted the generic coat of arms designed used by other Union states like Michigan and […] Redesign 101: The Flag of New Zealand — Steve Lovelace. Check out my portfolio to see more of my work. Going back to their original flag would be a good step on that direction. Aesthetically they had to be easy to spot from a distance, with identifiable colors and symbols. Each 18×12″ print is hand-signed and numbered. A redesign of all 50 state flags messes with Texas. Updated Dec. 4, 2020 Answer The new Burlington city flag was designed by Owen and Lucas Marchessault of Burlington. My proposal would start with the blue canton of the Green Mountain Republic, while replacing the star field with the pine tree from the state’s coat of arms. Use meaningful symbolism, such as colors or shapes that represent something important to the community 3. Use the links in the sidebar to download the necessary files. Yes, I have one. In addition, to celebrate Vermont’s place as the first state added to the original 13, I would add 14 green stripes to the body of the flag. Redesigns. He blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at It’s a cross between the first and third flags of Vermont. 10. I suspect they may be. “It is fitting that a design created by two Burlington students should be chosen to replace the City’s original student-designed flag. Your email address will not be published. 0 comments. The official flag design of the City of Burlington shall be freely available for public use and reproduction. The flag of Minnesota is not […], […] stars and 13 stripes, representing the 13 states. But even amongst these generic blue designs, there are some ugly duckings. Required fields are marked *. Originally designed in 1863 when regiments from Wisconsin wanted a flag for battlefield use, it wasn't until 1913 that state statutes specified the design of the state flag. The flag of the state of Montana consists of the image of the Montana state seal centered on a blue field. A commission to consider a new flag has been proposed in Massachusetts for decades, and gone nowhere, writes Rich Barlow. Redesigns. Order your copy today! hide. There is no known flag associated with this entity, which lasted from 1777 to 1791. How Red Flag Laws Are Used In Vermont Recent mass shootings have accelerated calls for more "red flag" or "extreme risk" laws. Residents were asked to rate the design and artist statements of the seven finalists from zero to ten. Public online voting ended on Friday, November 17. On this day in 1818, President James Monroe signs an act that redesigns the U.S. flag. The second design conceived by Lorbiecki is a tricolor flag that represents sky, land and water (hence the cool palette). BTW, the donors of the canton remnant heralded as the “Flag of the Green Mountain Boys” never made any such claim. Lake Champlain, which sustains and enriches our community and lives. Mayor Miro Weinberger first announced the City flag redesign project at a City Council meeting in January 2017. New posts appear every Wednesday. But even under a dreary winter sky, […], […] Michigan and Vermont, Minnesota is yet another state with a blue flag and a coat of arms. I will be honored to officially unveil the new flag at First Night, and look forward to seeing it fly over City Hall – and many other parts of the City – for years to come.”, A committee made up of community members reviewed each of the 138 submitted designs and artist's statements before selecting the seven finalists. *North American Vexillolgical Association, and Ted Kaye. Redesigns. During the American Revolution, the people living in this disputed zone decided they’d rather have their own government. The gold band is a reminder of the state's nickname. But they're far … The three of us worked together, each providing input on the colors, the number of peaks, the thickness of lines, etc. Sort by. The ribbon contains the state motto, "Oro y plata" (Spanish for: "Gold and silver"). It had 17 stars and 17 stripes and the word “Vermont” along the top. A Wintry Day in Burlington, Vermont — Steve Lovelace, Redesign 101: The Flag of Minnesota — Steve Lovelace, The Little-Known 49-Star Flag — Steve Lovelace, Redesign 101: The Flag of Ontario — Steve Lovelace, Redesign 101: The Flag of Nebraska — Steve Lovelace, Redesign 101: The Flag of Michigan — Steve Lovelace. The redesigned flag pays homage to Alabama's historic agriculture. All submissions were anonymous during the selection process and reviewed based on the, Ted Kaye, renowned flag expert and the author of. New England has no official flag, however, there have been many historical or modern banners used to represent the region in its history. That said, I have to tell you something else. 2017 - Owen and Lucas Marchessault win a competition to redesign the former flag of Burlington. Sort by. Be distinctive or be related, meaning that fl… Vermont State Flag Redesign! After framing a new constitution, the US admitted Vermont and Kentucky to the Union. ... My redesign of their flag is essentially a simplification of the current flag, to better follow vexililogical principles. save. The flag of the state of Wisconsin is a blue flag charged with the state coat of arms. Owen and Lucas Marchessault present their flag design to the city council on November 27, 2017, Jeff Harkness, Joyce Sheely, Megan Charles, Paula Willoquet Marcondi, Lila Woodard, Richard Dean, and Ted Kaye, Click here to for a high-resolution flag image, The sky, representing looking back to our rich history and ahead to the unknown future with perpetual hope, Snow covered mountains - an indelible backdrop to our city, The Green Mountain State, Burlington’s commitment to the environment, and education, The breakwater, which protects Burlington’s spectacular waterfront, and. Posted by 2 years ago. Learn how your comment data is processed. Their winning design is the current flag of the city. Both of these fragments have gold decorations painted on them that match another remnant of the Gostelowe flags, the Headman color now in the Smithsonian. 100% Upvoted. Their flag reflected their loyalties. Vermont flag redesign. Having a well designed flag gives residents a visual symbol to rally behind. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. In 1969 the International Federation of Vexillological Association (FIAV) evolved to dictate the principles of flag design. Conformity can be an ugly thing.

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