Hobby [277] Afterwards Sebastian takes the group to the Somerset House—he wanted to take a closer look at Undertaker's mourning chain. Ciel shakes, certain that he has seen "Ciel" die with his own eyes. [311] In the morning, Sebastian greets all of the servants. Everyone feels that his eyesight may have been affected by the attack as well. [77][78] He tells Sebastian that he and the prince have learned a lot from them and expresses his utmost gratitude. 4. [321] They go into the underground section; however, instead of heading towards the cellar, Sebastian goes in the opposite direction. Sebastian states that he has all the gas' samples. [69], At the competition, it appears that Sebastian adds Funtom Corporation's chocolate which contains large amounts of pure cacao to achieve a deeper substance without ruining the taste and fragrance. [72] On the other hand, Soma claims that Sebastian is ruining his curry by having the heat up too high and he is not able to make a perfect naan under the conditions provided. Sebastian and Ciel conclude that the Sphere Music Hall is bleeding their guests to death and that they may also be conducting experiments in blood transfusion. The boat tips over and all the Blue House boys topple into the river. Faustian contractPhantomhive He stopped, however, when Ciel suddenly turned around and stated that he was determined to attain his revenge. He then says that Ciel's attempt at being entrapped is going well, and decides to wait outside until he is summoned. [125] Ciel finds it amusing that the circus troupe would fight to defend something that doesn't exist, darkly commenting that humans are more devilish than real devils and that he himself is a human-like them—something to which Sebastian cheerfully agrees, as he states that that's why humans are interesting. As a result, Lau implies that they might be performing illegal human experiments. Ciel. He apologizes for failing as a butler, for Elizabeth was forced to perform such actions. A flustered Edward scolds Sebastian for having them accompany him, saying that he is still on the job. Sebastian explains that demons only appear when humans give up their souls for their wish. See more ideas about sebastian michaelis, black butler anime, black butler sebastian. Sebastian watches as Ciel faces Joanne. "[208] Undertaker then explains how his curiosity led him to create the moving corpses, which he calls Bizarre Dolls, by adding to the Cinematic Record so the body would believe it has not died, even though the soul has been removed. [219] Undertaker then slices the ship in two with his Death Scythe. He seems to find humans, in general, to be "difficult creatures," but he also states that their struggles and lofty goals make them "interesting." [238], In Latin class, Sebastian leaves a note for Ciel to meet him later. [50] Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau begin their investigation and are attacked by some Indians in a poor district. In the chapel, Harcourt sobbingly tells Sebastian about how Maurice deceived him before. [251] At the end of the meeting, Professor Michaelis returns and apologizes—he was in the bathroom. When Ciel mentions Elizabeth, Sebastian reveals that, during their previous encounter, she has said, "I, and only I, simply can't go back over there." When Derrick, however, turns out to be a Bizarre Doll, Ciel immediately summons Sebastian[261] and orders him to capture Derrick. [224], After Ciel returns and gets well, Elizabeth organizes an Easter Egg Hunt for him. The two men attempt to shoot Sebastian and Pitt, but Sebastian stops the bullets with pieces of cutlery. Ciel realizes what Sebastian is doing—if they can catch the headmaster, the case will be solved once and for all. When Sebastian opens the entrance underneath the magic circle, Sieglinde is shocked. Later on, Snake rushes to tell Sebastian a "big scoop";[328] Oscar came back from the underground area. Created by Blackbutlerfandom On Jun 6, 2015 What do you strive for? Ciel points out that they must find Rian while Grelle asks if "putting the screws" to Rian will fix the problem. Crimes After Sebastian discovers that his chocolate statue is missing a head, h… The Queen's footman John Brown has brought a letter for them. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Sebastian states that Ciel worked hard. Black (Noah's Ark Circus)Professor Michaelis (Weston College) Separately, Ciel and Sebastian observe the whole scene.[243]. [416], In a carriage parked outside the Sphere Music Hall, Ciel observes that the quickest method would be to infiltrate the inner circle, prompting Sebastian to point out that, as long as Blavat Sky is present, they may be exposed. Sebastian and Ciel, then, leave for London to track down Blavat. [479], Afterward, Sebastian carries Ciel out of the woods, where they reunite with the Phantomhive servants, who have arrived on a wagon to "pick up [their] wages." [266] Sebastian then turns to the P4; he asks them what was so important that they would resort to murder. Personal Benefit. Rate. Rate. Sebastian takes on the appearance of a tall and handsome male adult with black hair and red eyes. As Tanaka leaves, he tells Sebastian he's looking forward to another "Miracle of the Sapphires." [382] Ciel adds that it was extremely irresponsible of Wolfram to leave Sieglinde with complete strangers. Sebastian decided to adopt a "role that is best fit to serve an Earl." While the other three follow the pair, Sebastian remains by the carriage. [249] On the other hand, Sebastian cannot believe that Lau entered the school's grounds and is offering gambling services to everyone—he smiles, thinking Lau hasn't changed at all.[250]. Ciel, then, decides to have Fred study the corpses. 0. Sebastian is portrayed by various actors in the musicals. [188] A quick exchange of words between Ronald and Sebastian takes place, where Ronald reveals he's investigating reports of corpses that move on their own after their souls have been collected. When they arrive at the manor, Sieglinde tells Wolfram to show the servants to their quarters. [324], Sebastian, Snake, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Tanaka discuss how they can help Ciel. In exchange for his assistance and discretion, he enlists her aid to be a spokesperson for the new Funtom line of ladies' products. He visits Joanne first, explains to him the circumstances regarding Edgar, Herman, Lawrence, and Gregory, and asks him to join the Phantom Five; Joanne agrees, since Sebastian helped him in the past. While Sebastian prepares the carriage, Ciel muses on Elizabeth's cryptic words. [59] He then asks if Lau and Ciel are all right, and Ciel decides that it would be best if he teaches Soma some manners. Sebastian attempts to secure more customers by persuading them to smoke opium. The bumbling of the other servants almost causes catastrophe, but through Sebastian's quick thinking and even quicker reflexes, he is able to keep things running smoothly. Sebastian proves him wrong by beating the young Reaper and throwing him in the way of Grelle, who had begun to attack Undertaker again. Sebastian covers his laughing mouth, saying Ciel had to start with the basics. Add to library 5 Discussion 13. Later, Sebastian, as Professor Michaelis, meets with Tanaka and hands him the family's lunch. Sieglinde proceeds to change Ciel's bandages. [179], Shortly after arriving, the three find the Midford family. The lanterns are, then, set afloat into the river. He promptly asks him how dare he "do that" to him on "that day". During the party, Ciel is surrounded by his carefree and playful friends (Elizabeth, Soma, and McMillan). After examining Agni, Sebastian reports to Ciel that he is not breathing, to Ciel's shock. [195], Once he finds the Midfords, Sebastian helps them in their fight against the corpses. Astounded, they both wonder what kind of ties Undertaker has to the Phantomhives. [341] Sebastian lightly responds that he was only 90% serious. A nurse told him that they hold presentations of their results regularly and collect donations from nobles. Sebastian suddenly grabs Ciel and clamps his hand over his mouth, startling him. [205] On the way Ciel and Sebastian run into Aleister Chamber, who has the disarming device. Many of Ciel's "friends" (Nina Hopkins, Agni, Soma, Edward Midford, and Double Charles) along with the servants participate in the event. He dodges both, but the chain of lockets hanging from his waist is cut off and caught by Ciel—much to Undertaker's dismay. Sebastian wonders what he should do now. When they exit the room, Ciel tells Sebastian to make more tea so he can really wake up and discuss all the details with him. He has now concluded that Gregory Violet will have the most information about Derrick Arden; he just has to figure out a way to get close to him. Fred is appalled that they would indirectly induce the deaths of Sirius individuals, deeming it a "heartless method." From there, all Sebastian has to do is wait at the burial site and catch Sphere Music Hall in the act of burying their corpses. Alois Trancy | Former Head Trancy | Aleistor Chamber | Baron Kelvin | Lau | Derrick Arden, Demons … They head to the main hall, and there Rian and the Grim Reapers rejoin the group. Ciel presses them for the whereabouts of Blavat and Elizabeth and learns that they were not aware that Elizabeth was at Sphere Music Hall in the first place, nor were they aware of the blood transfusions. [389], The next morning, Sebastian notices that Ciel is agitated while sleeping and is about to wake him, but Ciel jolts awake, simultaneously grabbing Sebastian's wrist. However, Sebastian becomes too captivated with Betty the Tiger, who bites his head, causing Joker, Beast and the audience to panic . Soma shouts back that Gregory cannot protect with his "worthless pride." [132] He then leads them back to the dining hall, where Elizabeth learns that Ciel had recently been ill. She asks why Ciel never tells her anything, and Sebastian states that although it is a hard question to answer, Ciel seems more relaxed than he had been in a while, thanks to everyone's company. The group is divided into pairs to tackle each location: Sebastian and Ciel must investigate the new resort hotel in Brighton and dismantle any operations that harvest blood. After Blavat leaves, Ciel angrily breaks a Meissen vase, to which Sebastian responds by saying that the outburst of rage is futile and uncharacteristic of him. [58], Back at the manor, Soma starts throwing tantrums and destroys the Haviland tea set that Sebastian picked out for the young master. [375] Ciel orders Sebastian to rescue Wolfram. Sebastian invented the curry doughnut to win a curry contest. He adds teasingly, though, that Ciel still does not grow taller at all. William. [309] She agrees, but in exchange, she wants Sebastian to be her butler until Ciel is healed. [197] He helps Elizabeth down, as he has caught Ciel who had already fallen, and they make haste to find the contraption that would stop the corpses. It has been confirmed that they conduct the illegal human experiments daily within the hospital. [464], At that moment, "Ciel Phantomhive" descends the stairs, to their collective shock. However, the woman is killed anyway, and upon inspecting her home, they find Grelle standing over her body. Sebastian predominantly appears as a courteous and imp… [284] Annoyed, he tells Sebastian all of his studying was a waste of time. [426], A panic-stricken Agni rushes to Sebastian, Ciel, and Edward and informs them of Elizabeth's disappearance. Alois. [390], One morning, while Ciel is in his office, Sebastian comes in with a letter from Queen Victoria; it explains in detail about a new case involving the Sphere Music Hall that she wants Ciel to investigate. Sebastian says that he will convey the message to Ciel. Presently, Ciel and Sebastian travel to Germany by train. He tells Ciel that everyone else has been evacuated. Although the other players are worried, Ciel tells them to leave it to him. Undertaker bursts out laughing; Sebastian smiles and says it's rare for them to agree on something. [457], Sebastian sets Agni down, and states that, for prioritizing Soma's safety and happiness, Agni is "the very epitome of a butler. He states that a "snake" told him about it;[356] she asks then questions if he's a warlock, but he answers that he's just one hell of a butler.[357]. He determines that "Ciel" is an upgraded Bizarre Doll, to which Sebastian agrees, and that he first must eliminate "Ciel"'s alternative sources of blood. They announce that Queen Victoria wants Ciel to host a banquet for a guest, which Ciel reluctantly agrees to do. In the morning, Sebastian Michaelis assigns Mey-Rin, Baldroy, and Finnian their individual tasks for the day while Tanaka loiters. Gregor suddenly scream—no one should go into Purple House. [459], Ciel suggests that they do a sweep of the place. [291] In the kitchen, Sebastian offers to prepare Maultaschen. Ciel immediately scolds him for being late. [477] Sebastian takes notice of Ciel's silence and exchanges taunts with Blavat, who asserts that he knows Sebastian is "different." [citation needed], Ciel then orders Sebastian to eliminate Grelle. Ciel responds that Sebastian is the least trustworthy of all.[378]. 2010 It is known that Sebastian does not sleep, except as a luxury and frequently does tasks for Ciel at night. This comes out when he attacks others on Ciel's orders, such as when he kicked Grell Sutcliff's face because it was the thing that Grell wanted the least damage to. [55] They discover that Agni is working for West, and he has knowledge of Mina's whereabouts. [407], Sebastian accompanies Ciel for a brief visit to Buckingham Palace, where the latter gives a report to Queen Victoria about the Sphere Music Hall. [129], When Ciel returns for a fitting, she removes his top, unhappy with the silhouette. [6], Sebastian is devoted to Ciel Phantomhive. Alexis Leon Midford tells Ciel he possesses the blood of genius game maker—it's sure to be an exciting match. [254] When the game begins, Professor Michaelis asks the music students (who are acting as Team Blue's cheerleaders) to play the "Radetzky March. [17], Sebastian views money as "rubbish" and "materialistic. [220], Sebastian has a difficult time ensuring Ciel's safety while carrying him, so he promptly puts a life ring around Ciel, and then throws him overboard into the icy ocean. First appearance [434], Later, Sebastian informs Ciel that he must make preparations for the Phantomhive earldom's Halloween celebration. There, Tanaka gave him a watch that had been passed down from one Phantomhive butler to the next. [263] When everyone is about to protest about Ciel's sudden change in behavior, Edward unexpectedly speaks up—they all shouldn't interfere with Earl Phantomhive. Later on, Sebastian brings Sieglinde to see Ciel. Height Amused, "Ciel" declares that the head of the Phantomhive house, Ciel Phantomhive, is actually he. They then discover that Scotland Yard is at their heels. Other... For other people to accept me. [52] In return for their assistance, they come to stay at Ciel's manor, where Sebastian learns that Agni is on par with his fighting abilities despite being just human.[53][54]. Sebastian instructs the servants to load the luggage in the second carriage. As a result, Sebastian attacks Undertaker, falling into a trap. Alarmed, Sebastian realizes that there is only one course of action—he breaks free from Agares and rushes to Ciel. Ciel replies that he has nothing to fear as long as he's with a "teacher" At the Violet Wolf dormitory, Ciel starts a fire by hurling a lighted torch through a window. Annoyed Ciel tells him to be quiet. List of butlers named "Sebastian" in Japanese media — akumadeenglish, http://akumadeenglish.tumblr.com/post/161393988224/kuroshitsuji-trivia5-sebastians-eyes, https://kuroshitsuji.fandom.com/wiki/Sebastian_Michaelis?oldid=118122, (While stepping on Grelle Sutcliff's face) ". He informs Ciel that the hospital, together with upper-class doctors opened an association called the Aurora Society. Sebastian quietly laughs when Ciel enters with his team "God Only Knows," and they receive an awkward reaction from the guests. As a result, she faints. However, just as he is about to deliver the finishing blow, William T. Spears appears and stops him. Sebastian smiles and states that he's glad his "Young Master" has returned to him. 1. At Daunt Book Store, Ciel buys a historical novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, surprising Sebastian. Finnian volunteers to break in but is stopped by Grey who decides to destroy the door first since there are still desserts left to be eaten. Ciel simply puts his finger to his lips, telling Arthur that he must keep this a secret. Afterward, Sebastian recruits Cheslock, Clayton, and Soma, as well. [280], A week ago, Ciel received a letter from the Queen; she asked him to investigate a series of mysterious deaths in Germany. [48] They decide to attend a party Aleister is holding in disguise with Ciel dressing up as Angelina's niece and Sebastian pretending to be his tutor. At Sebastian's coded request, Pitt leads them underground to the sewers. On Ciel's order, Sebastian passes out a folder to each of the five, which details what role they must assume on stage. He even reveals his true form to him to make sure that he will eventually write about it. However, Sebastian uses his demonic powers and concludes that there are no souls left in the building. Sebastian then offers him McMillan's letter. Sebastian was a guest at the Schönbrunn Place from time to time. When Ciel refuses to supply the information Azzurro is seeking, the dealer orders his snipers to kill Ciel's servants. [137], When the day of the banquet arrives, he and the other servants make sure the event runs smoothly. Ciel and Sebastian use this opportunity to leave. Lau is impressed with Sebastian's performance, but disappointed with Ciel's. "[415], In Ciel's townhouse, Fred informs Sebastian and Ciel the corpses died due to severe blood loss. Ciel orders Sebastian to ask the man about the curse. Sebastian sighs and asks them not to increase the workload. Once he deposits Ciel back in his room, Sebastian heads out once more. [7] He is sometimes critical of his master and how he treats his workers,[8] but once admitted that he is not averse to the butler lifestyle despite the concomitant daily troubles. [307] Sebastian wonders if this is the reason Ciel is refusing to accept adults. He adds that his blood being drawn may be for blood transfusion. Sebastian asks Ciel why he asked him to save Wolfram. Lau tells Sebastian to drop the formalities as he is not assisting Ciel for free; Ciel must handsomely recompense him in the future. His white gloves conceal the mark of his Faustian Contract with Ciel Phantomhive on his left hand and he occasionally removes these, which reveals black fingernails. He, then, declares that he will school Blavat and the others on "the art of the finest entertainment money can buy," with his Funtom Music Hall. [161][162] He also reveals to Arthur that he isn't human, frightening the latter. In consequence, Ciel orders Sebastian to return to Phantomhive Manor and commence the preparations. So, Sebastian should technically be called. Read Sebastian x Reader *Lemon*: This One is For You and Me from the story Black Butler X Reader One Shots by lavitaffy (♡ ♡ ♡) with 36,655 reads. Ciel goes to the Sapphire Owl dormitory's library at night to meet Sebastian. Edward, then, reveals that Elizabeth has run away from the Midford Manor, shocking Sebastian and Ciel. "[410], Outside Sphere Music Hall, Sebastian welcomes Ciel. [348] Finally, Ciel tells the entire household to make preparations to leave—further instructions will come later. There he asks Finnian to leave for a while. Sebastian and the others disguised as "flowers" on a boat. [258], In the medical office, Ciel loudly complains as Sebastian dresses his wound—painful things are painful no matter what. 7.5 (55) 0. Yet lately, the number is quite "unusual." While Ciel works on recruiting Edward, Sebastian heads to Weston College, disguised as Professor Michaelis, to recruit the others. [42], It is the social season, and Sebastian delivers Ciel numerous letters. Undertaker laughingly asks Ciel if he's enjoying his first time in group life. When Edward asks how to be "a little naughty and aggressive," Sebastian, on Ciel's command, demonstrates it on Edward by cornering him against the wall, stroking his chin, and dropping a suggestive comment. When they finally find a hiding spot, they witness some "werewolves" and humans talking. [84] Beast, however, accuses him of being perverse and Dagger attacks him to defend his "sister's" honor. Finally, Ciel and Sebastian talk with Wolfram. Season 1, Episode 1 [301], He recalls the conversation with the old man—the people who see the werewolf will be cursed. Previous occupation Lastly, Sebastian sighs and tells Finnian to take care of Ciel. 5. Ciel claims that he is fine, however, and releases him. When Finnian states that it is impossible for there to be two Ciels, "Ciel" asserts that he is real. [317] Afterward, when Sebastian is carrying her back, Sieglinde asks him if he and Ciel are both devil worshippers. However, the next day, Ciel complains to him about how Maurice Cole had lied about the time of the meeting, causing him to arrive two hours late. "[458], When Ciel asks Soma if he is hurt, Soma hits him across the face. [239], When the fire starts spreading, Sebastian suddenly grabs Ciel, and they both continue to observe from atop a tree. [468], Sebastian remarks that Undertaker's attachment to the Phantomhive house, intimated by the chain of mourning lockets for Cloudia Phantomhive that he dropped on the Campania, is deeper than he initially thought. Second-String Member of the Noah's Ark CircusDormitory Warden of Sapphire Owl at Weston College [citation needed], After the murders stopped, London faces another problem: British citizens who have recently returned from India are the victims of an attack that leaves them stripped and hanging upside-down outside Indian pubs. Gender By Ouran_x_love Completed. When she opens the door, he begs her to save Ciel. [75] Queen Victoria and John Brown arrive, though, and stop the judges. [126], Later, Ciel and Sebastian return to the manor, where Elizabeth exclaims that she wants to get new clothes and go on a boat ride. 186 cm (6'1")[1] [456], Later, Ciel and Sebastian arrive at the townhouse, where Sebastian notices that something is amiss. When Ciel asks him where Blavat is, he says that Blavat has gone back to London, and then faints. [232], One day after the arrival of Prince Soma Asman Kadar at the school, he and Ciel use Soma to discover more secrets regarding Maurice. [133], When Charles Grey and Charles Phipps arrive at the manor, Grey attacks Baldroy and Mey-Rin upon their entrance. Ciel smiles and offers him his hand instead; crying, Finnian takes it. Professor Michaelis shocks all the students by bringing Soma's elephant to help put out the fire. Sieglinde responds that it is possible that's why he's only accepting the gardener. Lau informs them that he is delivering "flowers," or girls, to his clients, and bribes them. However, Sebastian easily pulls a lever to reveal an elevator-style door. Rate. In the Victorian era, butlers were called by their last name; Sebastian should technically be called Michaelis by Ciel and Mr. Michaelis by the other servants. Anime debut He typically dresses in an outfit, which is black trousers, a tailcoat, vest with the Phantomhive Crest on his shirt cuffs and a black tie. [475], Sebastian is arrested, as well, on the pretext that he is always with Ciel. New Design Anime Cosplay Double layers pencil case Pen Box Pen Pouch For Student Teen (Black B… [123] There they discover that the workhouse is in ruins, and it must have been abandoned for quite some time. It is possible that Sebastian is an ambidextrous. Sebastian states that he feels like talking to someone and volunteers to treat her with food, to her joy. He is approached by Fred Abberline from Scotland Yard, who recognizes him as the Earl Phantomhive's butler. [406], After both Edward and Ciel make inferences from what Sebastian told them, Sebastian pulls out a bracelet, saying that he took it from one of the men who kicked him out of the music hall and that he was querying people in town about it, when the prostitute from earlier recognized it. In Ciel's study, Sebastian finds a sleeping Ciel, who turns out to be the culprit that stole the chocolate head to eat. [183] Shortly after, the Viscount of Druitt greets them. Status Unconcerned about his condition, Ciel wants to follow it immediately, but Sebastian stops him. Although Sebastian tutored him, Ciel is unable to understand the East Franconian dialect of Southern Germany. "Ciel" laughs, promises not to scold him for his lies, and states that he is back. Sebastian asks him what Oscar discovered. Daisuke Ono You know, the standard affair for any good butler.-Gameplay divided into "Chapters" which each contain one major role or job for you as Sebastian to do.-Sebastian's lovable admirer, Grell Sutcliff, hiding in every chapter. [227] Later on, after Sebastian is summoned by Ciel, he confirms with Ciel that Derrick was transferred to Purple House. Sebastian shows him the dessert he has already prepared—unfortunately, he smiles, Ciel will have to eat it later. [431], Following the eventful two weeks, the Phantom Five head to Sphere Music Hall to direct its attendees to Funtom Music Hall, while Sebastian stays in the new venue's office with Ciel. When they are plunged into the depths of despair, likened to hell, … [304] Ciel then grabs hold of Finnian, surprising everyone. Rōmaji All victims have the same letter attached to their bodies; it states that England, the land of the devil, will soon receive punishment from heaven. [68] Lau points out that Sebastian seems to have a plan and Sebastian confirms it. As the tank comes toward them, Sebastian holds Ciel in one arm since he forgot to bring an extra pair of shoes. [184], Rian Stoker, the founder of the Aurora Society, begins a presentation about the society's goals of perfect health. Sebastian bows and agrees that it will be done. "[16] Additionally, he has a great and mutual distaste for Grim Reapers. [331] In the underground chamber, Sebastian discovers strange magical markings and drawings. Furthermore, he informs Azzurro from a car phone that he intends to pick up Ciel. McMillan tells Ciel to get ready at once for the victory boat parade. He tells them he's going underground to see for himself. He affirms that entries in the soul retrieval list may be revised every once in a while, especially when there are external factors, such as a demon, interfering with the affairs of humans. Diedrich tells him they are heading there right now. Ciel goes on to say that all Sieglinde has is her intellect and information on mustard gas. Ciel then gives him the task of cleaning up the dining hall while Ciel goes to investigate at the dormitory. Finally, at Harrod's Stores, they all see Funtom's new line of ladies products.

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